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    A woman rescues a dog from the street, thinking it has been abandoned, but the reality is quite different.

    Buzz stories these days only reflect part of what really happened. Like this time in Northern Ireland when the story of a rescue made headlines and social media.

    A woman shared a photo of a dog saying she rescued an « almost rabid dog » on the road without a collar. She says she picked it up off the highway and took it home while waiting for its owners to show up. She also says she is afraid of the animal which is apparently angry.

    « I had a hard time getting him back in my car, he’s a crossbreed of a fairly rare dog breed I think. He is currently at my house. Please circulate to find its owners,” she posted on social media.

    But Internet users reacted when they saw that the animal in question was not a dog but a coyote. Many of them accused him of attacking a wild animal. She retorted saying that her story was just a prank and that she was fully aware that it was not a dog, the animal is not in her home.

    « I didn’t expect so much excitement. I thought everyone would know right away it was just a prank,” she said. « I took a story that happened years ago and added a joke. »

    His false story is still circulating on the web. The real story took place in Mexico in 2019 where a driver came to the aid of a coyote, thinking it was a dog.

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